"I doubted it until I had a real bad headache and he stopped it. Beats taking pills." -Carolyn T.

"Robert Taylor worked on my back through energy. It was a very calm setting between us. As the process was completed, I felt very relaxed and my back was much more loose. He did this for me again last Easter as I had the worst migraine I've ever had in my entire life. I couldn't even attend the family meal and he came to me and worked his energy and I didn't want him to leave. I just want to bring him home with me for the day."

-Melissa K.

"I've had chronic pain in my jaw on my right side for years. It has also popped loudly since I was in college. So loud that other people heard it and commented on it. Sometimes I could harldy open my mouth. Robbie was able to sense where the pain was, and delete the levels that were causing the pain. He also mentioned to me that some things I was "chewing" over currently, that I might want to let go of. Since then my jaw has popped less, and the pain is gone."

-Jennifer D.

"In the past, I have had a pain in my right knee. Anytime I';m seated and don't have room to stretch my leg, the pain would start in my knee radiateup to my hip and down towards my ankle. About a month ago, after a long cramped ride to Bartlesville (AR), I called Robbie and asked if he would work on it. He asked me a few questions, told me a little about my history, and why that was causing me pain. using the Yuen Method, he deleted the issues that were creating the pain. My knee has been feeling great ever since."

-Jennifer D.

"I would like to share this with others that I know, or they know, that can see this about Robert Taylor, and his magnificent gift and talent. I reached out to him once in person and then it took only a couple of times after without being in his presence and I haven't suffered since. No one, doctors or specialists of all kinds couldn't do what he did for me. Please check him out for whatever need you may have"

-Patsy R.